Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meet the ILR Team!

The ILR team taking part in the inaugural ILR Global Service Learning Program to Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) in Ho Chi Minh City includes four undergraduate students.  These students were selected based on their academic interest in labor negotiations, their regional interest in Southeast Asia, and their desire to engage in cross-cultural learning with students from TDTU.  The team will be led by Mr. Richard Fincher. 

Mr. Richard Fincher is an ILR alum, adjunct instructor and Visiting Fellow in Residence (Fall 2014 Semester) for ILR’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Asia Labor Arbitration Project (ALAP) in the Scheinman Institute. He recently concluded a four year assignment studying labor relations in Vietnam, sponsored by USAID.  Mr. Fincher was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach labor negotiations at Ton Duc Thang University during the spring 2015 semester.

Meet the Students!

Hello, my name is Lowell Jackson and I am a sophomore at the ILR School.  I am very excited to take part in the Vietnam GSL Program with the students at Ton Duc Thang University.
I was born in the Philippines and moved to the US when I was six years old.  Curiosity about my heritage led me to study Southeast Asian history and I became increasingly fascinated by the labor dynamics present there.  Recently, I became interested in labor migration throughout the region and the impact of globalization on local economic development.  My academic interests are cross-cultural and center on Southeast Asia's growing inter-connectivity.
In Vietnam, I will be researching the Vietnam General Confederation of the Labor's (VGCL) history, function, structure, and practices.  I am interested in studying the broader goals and trajectory of this trade union but I am also interested in workers' personal narratives and how the union impacts their daily lives.  In addition to research, I am also looking forward to befriending students at TDTU and experiencing as much Vietnamese culture as possible.
Apart from academics, I am involved with the Cornell Filipino Association and the Cornell Indonesian Association.  During my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, cycling, and spending as much time outdoors as Ithaca's unpredictable weather allows.   

Hi! I am Nicole Palmadesso. I will be graduating from the ILR School this spring.  Hailing from Yorktown Heights, NY, I spent my freshman year at the University of Alabama before transferring to Cornell.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the Vietnam GSL team.
I first became interested in the labor climate of Southeast Asia while conducting research for Professor Alex Colvin on ILO initiatives in the garment sector. This initial exposure led me to further this interest with personal research on outsourcing and temporary contract practices across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  Most recently, I participated in the Scheinman Institute’s conference on Worker Rights, Labor Law, and Dispute Resolution within the Asia Global Supply Chain.  My academic and work experiences have dealt extensively with alternative dispute resolution, which I will focus on in Vietnam.
I am very excited to begin research.   A student from Ton Duc Thang University and myself will be conducting a field study in the resolving of wildcat strikes in Vietnam. I am intrigued by the particular position of labor and the role of strikes in this context.  My enthusiasm is invigorated by the service nature of this work.    I look forward to collaborating with a TDTU student and exploring how this form of conflict can be effectively resolved.  Additionally, this will be my first time traveling to Asia and I hope to absorb, experience, and understand Vietnam’s unique culture.
Outside of the classroom, I am involved in ILR’s Student Government Association, Arbitration and Mediation Challenges, and Delta Delta Delta sorority.  My future aspirations include law school and eventually a career as a neutral.

Hello! My name is Kristen Smith and I am a Junior in the ILR School.  I am so excited to travel to Vietnam for the GSL Program and to conduct research with students at Ton Duc Thang University.
In Vietnam, I will be participating in a field study of HR at foreign investment enterprises. As the world becomes more globalized and as countries continue to rely heavily on outsourced labor, it is imperative that they understand how to best attract, recruit, and retain migrant workers. I am excited to conduct research on the strategies behind how companies learn and understand local markets, develop international networks, and bridge the gap in cultural differences.

I was interested in applying for this opportunity because of my recent experiences interning in human resources at Verizon. Working for a company with locations around the world has shown me the true importance of having an efficient global HR strategy. Conducting research in Vietnam will be invaluable to me in my quest to learn more about how multinational firms consolidate cultural and legal differences with business needs to ultimately become successful global enterprises.
I'm also looking forward to learning as much as I can about Vietnamese culture, and I am particularly excited about exploring authentic Vietnamese cuisine.
At Cornell, I am involved in Cornell Piano Society, Cornell Organization for Labor Action, and a social sorority. Outside of class, I enjoy playing Classical piano, trying new foods, running, and generally having adventures wherever I go.

Hi, I'm Gideon Teitel.  I am fascinated with economics and what drives decision making. I enjoy having philosophical and sentimental discussions as well as debating controversial issues. Sports such as ping pong, soccer, basketball, and dodgeball keep me balanced.