Sunday, January 10, 2016

Amazing Weekend Outside HCMC

This weekend, we took a break from our academic schedule to visit some historic sites around Ho Chi Mihn City.

First, we went to the Cu Chi tunnels. They were started in the forties during the War with the French and expanded during the war with the United States. They are truly astonishing to experience. The tunnels solved such problems as bathing, cooking (which creates smoke), sleeping, and education. They even had a movie theater. 

We got the opportunity to test it out. John volunteered first.

This trip was not possible without our Vietnamese student partners. Left to right is Phat, Andy, Vy, and Nhi.

We are at Vy's house for lunch. 

On Sunday, we went to the Mekong Delta. The whole southern end of Vietnam is delta. We traveled to the south and took a beautiful tour of the river and local villages.

One of our stops was this traditional singing.

One of the most amazing parts was this small boat trip down the smaller delta rivers. Two women were rowing each boat. 

Fish for lunch!

Impressive development alongside some older boats and docks.

Our last stop was one of the few island. This is a coconut press that separates coconut milk and oil from the meat.

Getting off the boat, we got this photo of Liem, our awesome tour guide.

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