Monday, January 4, 2016

Meeting the TDT Students

This morning, TDTU planned a welcome ceremony for us and we met the students we will be working with for the next two weeks. Here are each of our groups

It was great speaking with Tam and Phat today. Both are 3rd years in labor relations at TDT. It was my first time meeting Phat, but Tam came out to pick us up the other night (absolute trooper, staying up until 3am at the airport with Lowell...) It was interesting to hear about their program: how tightly knit their cohort is; how their curriculum works. Compared to ILR, it's a smaller program. Other than that, we talked hobbies. We all had a good amount in common -- photography, sleeping, and eating. Talk about a small world.

I met my new friends Vy and Nghia. Both were incredibly friendly and wanted to know all about America. They seem to really enjoy their education and were very excited to get a job. One student used to bus two hours just to get to the university. 

Today I met both my TDT students, Hoai Thu and Gia Linh. Both are 2nd year labor relations students and it was so interesting to talk with them about their school work and the way that college is America is both different and similar to college in Vietnam. We also got to talk about their interests and I learned that Thy is an amazing singer - she even sang "Hello Vietnam" for us during the welcome ceremony- and Linh loves Vovinam. I look forward to seeing more of them and learning more about Vietnam from them!

Today I met two of my student peers. Giang is 20 and enjoys swimming. Nhi, also 20, loves anime and manga. After a tour of campus and a great lunch spent getting to know one other, we headed to Ben Thanh Market to brush up our negotiation skills.

I am paired with two students, Lucie and Thanh. Thanh had class today, but Lucie and I met and had great conversations about Vietnam, her view of foreigners and tried to share some experiences. Lucie loves school. She 19 and is interested in English Club, labor relations and trade unions conferences, and meeting up with foreign students to improve her English. I look forward to meeting Thanh and spending more time with them.

Here's our photos.

After meeting our students, we got a tour of campus.

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