Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Factory Visit

Ms. Ha Dang, the co-founder of RespectVN and a Cornell alumna, led the group on a factory visit to Far Eastern Apparel VN (FEAVN).  FEAVN is Taiwanese owned and is a major supplier to Nike and Columbia, as well as other major sports apparel companies.  Since 2011, Ha has been working with the FEAVN human resources department in improving the communication between workers and management.  
(Left) Ha Dang and Mary Le, HRM & CS Department Manager at FEAVN.

Talking to a worker in the design-prototype room.  The women (all were female) are the highest skilled seamstresses, thus earn higher wages and work in an air-conditioned room. 
Meeting with the HR and CR Teams
We had an active Q&A, with the TDTU students, Vy, Phat, and Lucie, helping with translation for the ILR team.
FEAVN told us about many CSR practices for pregnant workers, including additional bathroom breaks and special parking. 
Temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure a comfortable work environment. 
The production floor.  The different colored shirts indicate distinct jobs on the floor.

Ha with the FEAVN union representative on the production floor.
We thank Ha and the FEAVN HR team for welcoming us!  We are especially grateful to Mr. Andy Truong, the CR Senior Chief, for arranging all of the details for this fruitful visit.

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