Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Views of Ho Chi Minh City

Most of us arrived last night at 1:00am. Two students from TDTU met us at the airport along with Lowell. It was nice to see some familiar faces in this new place. It is beautiful and the trip to the University and dorms where we will be staying was filled with great views of the quiet city. 

Today we've been catching up on news and settling into our dorms. We met Joe and Helena who are here from the states teaching in the Labor Department. Conversation with them about TPP and the upcoming changes were very informative.

Here is our first daylight view from the top floor of our University. Most things are still closed due to Sunday and the Holiday.

Our funniest moment today was when Lowell was ordering coffee. He did a great job of saying "sau pham cafe su da" to ask for 6 coffees with ice and milk, but when the waitress responded with a long slew of Vietnamese, he had to apologize. Good luck next time.

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