Sunday, January 24, 2016


Our last days are coming to a close. It has been an amazing two weeks. We met Helena and Joe, Ms. Vinh, and Dean Hoa. We crawled in the Cu Chi Tunnels. We learned in the Vietnamese classroom. We bargained in the markets. 

On Thursday, we had a celebratory breakfast of Dim Sum and ca phe su da. 
After breakfast, we went to the market and tried to buy a durian--a strong smelling fruit. 

Friday, we started the day with a group discussion on collective labor rights. Helena led the discussion and we collaborated on appropriate and beneficial solutions to collective conflicts-like remedies that go beyond the one instance and may address a larger problem. The Vietnamese students had insightful answers and we continue to learn a lot from them. 

After class, John and Chris went to pick up their hand-made suits. They made good friends with Kong, the tailor, even through a translator. 

The final closing ceremony was held in the English zone. Dean Hua and the students presented us with gifts and we sang. We each spoke about some of our most memorable moments and how we look forward to our continuing friendship. It was a lovely ceremony and a genuine closure to our excellent two weeks in Vietnam.

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